Support ISCA

There are many ways our partners can support the ministry of ISCA:

  1. Financial support
    Use the Donate button to support our ministry. You can use your gift to support:
    • Campus Ministers
    • General fund
    • The Friends of ISCA House fund

    Just click on the Donate Now button to use PayPal to give
    Or Send in you support to:
         PO box 8055
         Fayetteville AR 72703

  2. Support ISCA by providing meals for ISCA meetings
    ISCA begins it's weekly meeting with a Fellowship meal. This is a great time for students to meet each other and have fellowship with each other. Our "Culinary Missionaries" sign up to bring a meal each semester that includes the main meal and dessert. ISCA provides all the paper goods for the meal. For more information contact Kevin:
    OR sign up here:

  3. Work days/service projects
    ISCA has two ministry houses and there is always something that needs to be fixed or improved. If you and your group would like to donate your skills and labor it would be a real blessing to ISCA and our residents.
    For more information contact Kevin:

  4. Volunteer
    ISCA has events that we need lots of help with.
  1. We have the Free Yard Sale at the beginning of the Fall semester every year. We need
    • donations of items for the giveaway
    • Truck drivers to deliver items
    • Helpful people to help where needed

    For more information contact Kevin:

  2. International Christmas Fest. This is a big event of over 200 students. We need drivers, set up crew, clean up crew, decoration team, food for the Festival of Flavors, sound crew, and on an on. Just email to use your gifts and get involved.
    For more information contact Kevin:

  3. And more. Road trips (drivers needed), Retreats, Farm Day - there is so many ways to help us physically.
    For more information contact Kevin: