ISCA Fall 2018 - This is HIM!

Fall 2018 Schedule

This is HIM
Some Say "Jesus was just a good teacher"
Some Say "Jesus is just a good example"
Some Say "Jesus is just a legend"

So who is Jesus? In ISCA we believe Jesus is someone who is real, who loved an extraordinary life, and who loved HUMANKIND passionately and fully. HE is someone worth Following.
This Fall Bible study series, This is , we will focus on stories from the Bible that show who Jesus really was and what Jesus really did.
Every Tuesday night we will look at stories from before He was born to when He died. We'll see miracles that He did. We see Him interact with the poor, the handicapped, the rich, and leaders of the religion and land.

At Fall Retreat (September 28th - 30th) we'll look at Jesus' teaching - The Sermon on the Mount - the longest teaching time recorded in the Bible and many people call it "Jesus' Manifesto".

Throughout the semester we will get a great picture of who Jesus is.

Our studies are not just lectures. We'll do interactive things, small groups, personal study time and lots of discussion. WE want and need you to join that discussion!

Check out the schedule and we'll see you soon.
Everything takes place at the ISCA house - 89 S. Duncan St.

ISCA Fall 2018
This is Him

Aug. 21 1st meeting – Welcome party
Aug. 23 All ISCA Free Yard Sale
Aug. 28 Jesus’ birth
Sept. 4 Jesus’ 1st miracle
Sept. 11 We’ve never seen anything like THIS
Sept. 18 Community Night

Sept. 28-30 Fall Retreat – Sermon on the Mount
Sept. 25 Jesus Confronts Hypocrisy
Oct. 2 Jesus Confronts Sin
Oct. 9 Jesus and forgiveness
Oct. 23 Jesus’ Arrest, crucifixion, resurrection
Oct. 30 Fun night
Nov. 6 Jesus and Holy Spirit
Nov. 13 Responding to Jesus

Nov. 20 ISCA Thanksgiving meal
Nov. 27 Preparing and Praying for Christmas fest

Dec. 1st Saturday Night International Christmas Fest
Dec. 4 End of semester party

Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
At the ISCA house
89 South Duncan Ave.
For a map go to the About Us tab.

Come and join the discussion.